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Big and small home fixes to sell your home in Atlanta

Bob Fuoto

To sell a home and make the most money from the deal requires a lot of work and planning. It's not as simple as snapping some photos and putting a sign in the yard. In the best case scenario, you'll want to stage the home at the very least. What if it's not the best case though?  What if your ready to sell your house, but then come to find out you have a crack in the foundation, or a major plumbing issue, or mold?  How do you quickly sell a house that needs major work?

Before we go into what your best option is for getting a home sold quickly and profitably in Atlanta when it needs major repairs, we will talk about what not to do. (In case you were thinking any of these were a good idea, the list below is not!)

1. Pretend it's not there.

If you know there's something major that needs repairing, pretending it's not there is one of the worst things that you can do. When appraisers and inspectors are going through the house, they will be going through your home with a fine tooth and comb. They will point out hundreds of minor things you never knew existed, let alone any glaring structural issues that there are with the home. Once these issues come to light, rest assured, they will throw a huge wrench in the whole deal, grinding it to a near halt, and often destroying it altogether. A sense of distrust in the home itself can be stirred by finding out there is a major structural issue was discovered. The thought gets planted, "What else could be wrong with the house?" In addition, most potential buyers will either demand a price drop, or for the problem to be fixed before the deal is closed.

Other complications that come up from this have to do with if the home does not sell. When a home get's put back on the market, it can place a stigma in potential buyers eyes, of, "Is there something wrong with the house?" "Why was it under contract but now back on the market?" The longer it sits, the more out of pocket expenses, and often the lower you will have to go on the house.

2. Sell it as is.

This one is at least honest, but will still cost you in time and money. Typically as is homes sit on the market longer. The lions share of potential buyers are planning to live in the home, and if they know that construction will have to be done, this can cause some serious hesitation. In addition to the hesitation buyers will have, you can expect to get significantly less than what the home is worth from potential buyers. If a house flipper, or investor decides to buy, they will offer you 30% less than the market value!

What Should You Do To Sell Your Home?

To put it simply, if you have a major issue that needs attention, you are going to have to get it repaired, or face major losses in both time and money. Finding a reputable contractor to tackle your repair, whether it is foundation work, sewage, plumbing, electric is going to be your first step. You will want to make sure to find a company that will stand behind the work in case an inspector or appraiser finds an issue with their repairs. After the repairs are complete, get yourself a good realtor to get your home staged and listed. Find one who is equipped to deal with the complications that can arise from selling a house, and the experience on staging your home to sell quickly as well!

Equimaxit is designed to help homeowners handle all of the above, quickly and profitably. If you really are looking to get your home sold quickly, and it has major issues, Equimaxit has teams in place to deal with repairs, both big and small. You do not have to pay anything out of pocket until closing either! What could be more fair?

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