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Tips for Selling Your Parents’ Home

Bob Fuoto

Selling your parents’ home is never easy.  Usually a sad situation requires you to sell the home.  For example, your parents may have passed away, or your mom is getting frail and needs the support she’ll get in a nursing home. 

The situation is often more difficult because you live in another city.  In addition, a home lived in by elderly parents often needs work before it can be listed for sale. 

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

You’re going to need the support of a real estate agent who has a talent for working with out-of-town sellers.  You need to look for an agent who is sensitive to your situation.  In addition, make sure the agent is responsive, will monitor the condition of the home while it is on the market, and uses technology such as online transaction management that will help you monitor the sale from a distance.

Prepare the Home for Sale

You may be tempted to sell the home “as is.”  That means that you know that it needs work, but you don’t plan to do any repairs or renovations.  This isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons.

  • If your parents have passed away and left the house to you, they wanted you to have the benefit of their legacy.
  • If one or both of your parents are moving to assisted living or nursing home environments, they will need all the financial support you can provide.

Work with your real estate agent to find a solution to the problem of getting the home ready to go on the market without putting a time or financial burden on you.  One of these alternatives is working with a company like EquiMaxit.

Complete Needed Repairs and Renovations without Upfront Costs

EquiMaxit is a company that can help you fund the work that will maximize the value of the home.  There is no upfront investment because the cost of the work is paid for from the proceeds of the sale at closing.

A wide range of work can be covered for you, including:

  • Simple Repairs.  Little things can make a home sell for less, including leaky faucets, cracks in walls, scratches on floors, broken bathroom mirrors, overflowing gutters and more.
  • Renovations.  If the home hasn’t been renovated at regular intervals, it won’t compare to other homes for sale in the area.  To get top dollar, you may need to replace worn carpeting, refresh the kitchen cabinets and countertops and update the bathrooms.  Landscaping is another area that often needs work.  Removing overgrown bushes, and improving the curb appeal of the home will have a big impact on the sales price.

In addition, EquiMaxit has a network of certified contractors who will get the work done, even if you’re not there.  You don’t need to worry about finding contractors in a city you’re not familiar with, or acting as a general contractor to get the work completed.

If you’re faced with selling your parents’ home, don’t just give it away.  Call us at 404-445-4509 to learn how EquiMaxit can help you at this difficult time.

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