Why Isn't My Home Selling

Bob Fuoto

It can be frustrating to watch your home sit idle on the market for months, especially if you live in an area that’s considered a seller’s market. Other properties around you are being snatched up fast, and for high prices, too. Yet, you’re lucky to have a few buyer previews - and a purchase offer seems to be nowhere in sight.

What are you doing wrong? Why aren’t more people looking at your home? Why do the few who do visit fail to close the deal?

Selling a home is like selling any other product - it’s all about the marketing. If you’re not putting in any special effort to make your home stand out, then why should a buyer even take notice? The first step to home selling success is to remedy your mistakes. Read on to learn about the top marketing errors homeowners make when selling their property.

Home Is in Poor Condition

You may not want to throw down money for home improvements when you’re getting rid of the property anyway. But most buyers will overlook an ugly or outdated home, especially if there are much better options on the market. If you want your home to sell, then you need it to look better than the competition.

Doing home repairs is a crucial step in the home selling preparation process. Also, consider upgrades like new carpeting, or wood or wood-like laminate floors. Even something seemingly as small as new door handles can really spruce up the look and feel of a home. And, don’t forget about curb appeal.

Lack of Photographs or Badly Shot Photographs

When buyers are looking for a home, very rarely do they decide to go to a preview blind. Most browse photos beforehand, so make sure to have plenty of high quality photos of your home available wherever you advertise them, whether it be online or offline. The more photos and the more angles, the better.

If you don’t have the eye for photography, consider investing in a professional or getting a friend or family member to help you. The photos should feature wide angles with plenty of light, and highlight your home’s best features. You can even go the extra mile and stage your rooms before shooting them to really entice the buyer’s imagination.

Lack of Marketing

Marketing your home isn’t simply a matter of listing it for sale. A successful marketing campaign uses every possible venue to not only make buyers aware of the home, but also convince them that the home is exactly what they’ve been dreaming of, even if they didn’t know it themselves.

Mail out colorful postcards, distribute eye-catching flyers, professionally record a virtual tour of your home and upload it online - the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. Staging cannot be emphasized enough; exceptional staging alone can get buyers scrambling to make an offer.

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