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The Benefit of EquiMaxit

In the past, when a home was in need of repairs before it could be sold for maximum value for their home. The homeowner had to find a trust worthy contractor, negotiate a price, and pay for the repairs out of pocket.

EquiMaxit changes all of that.

We fund the work your house needs to attract top dollar offers and the repairs are paid for at closing.

Pick from our insured, bonded, and proven contractors. If you already have a contractor picked, then great! They just need to get certified.

What repairs will EquiMaxit fund?

Any repair or improvement that maximizes the value of the home is eligible for EquiMaxit. It is up to you and the realtor to decide what work should be done to maximize the value of their home.

How do I qualify?

We determine their eligibility by checking:

1. What comparable homes have recently sold for in the area.

2. How much they owe on the house.

3. Your estimated sale price once the repairs are complete.

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