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We've all been there, the homeowner has a great house in a great area, but there's a problem: The house has become dated and is in need repair due to a lack of maintenance. These repairs must be done in order for the home to be sold for maximum value. This is where EquiMaxit comes in.

1. We fund the work the home needs to command top dollar. There are no fees or interest payments for you or the homeowner. Pay for the repairs at closing.

2. Pick from our insured, bonded, and proven contractors. If you or the homeowner already have a contractor picked out, then great! They just need to get certified.

Realtors solution for Pre-sell Renovations

When to use EquiMaxit?

When repairs and updates are needed, prepare your house for sale to unlock your true equity value while deferring payment for repairs until closing.


Equimaxit is straightforward solution to get the work done on your house without tying up any cash or credit.

No Deposits
No out of pocket expenses
No Credit Check
Fast Approval
Quality Contractors
The homeowner benefits from the increased sale price – not the flipper
All warranties are transferable to the new owner

The Equimaxit program finally allows home sellers to unlock their true equity and get maximum dollar by getting work completed on their home without tying up any of their personal resources.

Walk into every listing backed by EquiMaxit

So long are the days of foggy timelines, delays, and cost overruns. Your dedicated Project Manager will manage every stage of the project and keep you in the loop with real-time updates. Have a problem? They’ve got a solution.

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