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Never lose a sale to this again

Bob Fuoto

We need to finish a couple projects around the house before we put it on the market.  I haven't talked to a realtor yet who hasn't heard this line.  Do you ever hear from that person again?  Me either!

What if I told you there was a way to turn that objection into a sure fire deal - even if your terrible at dealing with objections.

I don't work with just anybody.  I only work with realtors who are serious about helping homeowners and home buyers. Realtors who have seen the trend of flippers coming in with quick cash take advantage of homeowners who have no other choice!

I have a way for you to give homeowners a better choice, and it starts with a FREE gift...

A Free Equity Investigation

I will come to your seller's home and investigate the equity and potential for free. That's right, there's no cost and no obligation of any kind. Here's exactly what I'll do:

1. First I'll cover all the projects the home has.

I'll look at the worn out carpet. I'll look at the walls to see if they need a fresh coat of paint.  I'll look at the foundation. I'll look at the big stuff and the small stuff. I'll get an idea of the scope of work, and come up with prices and options to get the home market ready, and how long that will take and how much that will cost.

2. I'll calculate the current sale price of the home.

Your seller's home may be worth top market value as is. However, your seller's home may be in a high valued market but be worth 10's of thousands of dollars below comparable homes.

I'll explain how much your seller's home is worth and I'll give you a 'prescription' to help your seller get the most out of the sale of their home.

3. I'll determine if your seller's home has a good bottom line.

Your seller's home will have a bottom line that will affect how much work I do, and the asking price.  I will look at the equity in the home and what projects will add the most value to the home sale. (I will look at things that will entice buyers, and I will also look at things that will affect the appraisal.)

A great bottom line is a lot of equity and only a few cosmetic projects. A good bottom line is a healthy mix of projects to equity.

Fix & List Your Seller's Home with No Upfront Cash or Credit

There is absolutely no upfront cash or credit. None. Although there must be equity in the seller's home available. The seller will pay for the projects at closing.

You'll get to see how we turn tired old homes that sit on the market for 60, 90 and 120 days into luxurious, move in ready homes that sell overnight.

if you never want to lose a sale to this criticism again - let's talk.

See how I can transform your current listings that are collecting dust into deals that are under contract in less than 24 hours.

Turn those critics into listings today!

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